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Ready to be a member of the VarieTees® Ambassador Community?

VarieTees Brand Ambassadors come from many walks of life, with different hobbies, lifestyles, and job titles. The passion for beer, community, and the hops that artistically differentiate the enticing aromas from beer to beer is the common ground on which VarieTees Ambassadors stand.

VarieTees is a Yakima Chief Hops brand focused on providing socially and environmentally conscious merchandise featuring artwork by a diverse group of illustrators, designers and makers. We seek to celebrate the industry’s vibrant portfolio of hops through visual storytelling and collectible goods that are unique to each variety.


  • Free apparel and merch collection packages

  • Discount on apparel and merch

  • Ability to share a personalized discount on apparel and merchandise with friends and digital network

  • Ability to represent the VarieTees brand digitally


  • Must be 21+ or older to be a brand ambassador

  • Being enthusiastic about sharing the VarieTees brand with your community

  • Being an energetic supporter of artists, community, beer, and hop industry

  • Digitally sharing visuals of you sporting your complimentary VarieTees gear on your digital platform(s)

  • Digitally sharing your personalized discount on apparel and merchandise with your network on your social platform(s)

  • Providing insightful and constructive feedback to the Yakima Chief Hops team, based on your experiences and interactions.


  • Are you willing commit to a full year of ambassadorship?

  • Are you willing to make your social platforms public?

  • Are you willing to actively and creatively promote VarieTees on your platforms?

Sound like your jam? Let’s get to it!

Please fill out the application below!

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